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Job & work - vocabulary

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PostSubject: Job & work - vocabulary   Sun Nov 30, 2008 3:02 pm

Hello busy and overworked People!
I`m putting some vocabulary connencted with job & works.

Remember: we say: have a job, NOT have a work

to apply for a job
to offer someone a job
to look for / to find / to get / to take a job
to give up / to resign from / to lose job
He is in a dead-end job [ a job with low wages and no chances of progress ]
She has a demanding job [ job that needs a lot of ability and effort ]
He has a high-powered job [ powerful and important job ]
A highly-paid / a well-paid / a badly-paid / a low-paid job
A full-time / a part-time job
A 9-to-5 job [ when you start at 9 and finish at 5pm ] = to work 9-to-5
A semi-skilled / skilled / unskilled job
A permanent job ≠ a temporary job
A steady job ≠ to do freelance work
He was tempted to give up freelancing and get a regular job
It`s hard to make a living as a freelance writer [ earn enough money to live comfortably ]

Jobs for women
Sheila has a job as a sales assistant
I`ve been offered work / a job in Madrid
What do you do for living?

To carry out work
To supervise work
To take on work [ to accept ]
To complete work
Available to start work
To do shift-work = to work shifts [ for example: nights one week, days the next week ]
Do you do shift work?
To be on flexi-time [ flexible working hours ]

To be promoted from secretary to administrator
To head-hunt [ recruit successfully ]
I was head-hunted for this job

To get the sack [ thrown out of your job ]
To be fired [ more formal than “get the sack” ]
To be made redundant [ thrown out, no longer needed ]
To be laid off [ more informal than “to be made redundant” ]
To give up work [ e.g. in order to study ]

To be on sick leave = to take a sick leave

To be a workaholic [ love work too much ]
You look overworked, you need a holiday [ to be exhausted, worn out, run-down ]
Where is Diane? She`s at work.
We had a party at work
He`s been out of work since the factory closed

Job features:
Short hours
Long holidays
Good salary
Mentally challenging
Stimulating working environment
Pleasant physical surroundings
Opportunity to work with people
Good prospect for promotion
Opportunity to travel
Responsibility / autonomy
Flexible hours
Opportunity to learn new things

And some slang:

to bag somebody = to fire somebody
a bragsheet = a CV
when you avoid work you are a skiver = a bum
or a clock-watcher
or a coffee-cooler

a workaholic = an eager-beaver
to get a promotion = to get upped

Have a nice week! And remember: don`t work like a horse.

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Job & work - vocabulary

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